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In Production
Will's Jams
A series of fun musical interstitials, featuring Currently Airing on
Wave Your Antlers
A series of Christmas music videos, starring As seen on
We still spend a lot of energy producing media for various non-profits, foundations, and causes. Here are some samples of recent work.
In Development
An empty cardboard box is a blank canvas to an imaginative kid.
Little Boxes
A pair of scissors, a roll of tape, and a pile of cardboard. Your imagination is about to get REAL. 39 x 7 min
Adventure, kids 6 - 10 yrs Each episode of Little Boxes follows our gang of creative kids on a new adventure as their card- board arts and crafts creations come to life, trans- porting the kids into the worlds they’ve created. A cardboard spaceship actually lifts off and whisks Isobel away on an outer space adventure, a race car fires up so Sam and Beatrice can embark on a high speed ride, a robot costume powers up and gives Bug superhuman strength. Just like the kids’ imaginations, the potential scenarios are limitless and each story will inspire a spirit of adventure, discovery, and creativity.
About Turtlebox
We launched Turtlebox in 2009 with the mandate to produce educational and advocacy videos and interactive media for non-profits and foundations. We were also doing our own creative work on the side, mostly music videos for kid musicians we knew. It didn't take long before the kid thing started to grow into a core part of our business and, a few years later, it's the most fun we've ever had at a job. So now our creative selves and our compassionate selves are fueled through our work with kids and non-profits. Each year, Turtlebox manages to pay it forward by donating a portion of our time to produce media for kid-focused or community organizations.