Big Big World

39 x 3 mins Interstitials - Pre-School & Early Primary

A videogame style, macro walkthrough of the natural world.

These short adventures are presented in the style of a first person videogame walkthrough, except we’re following a miniature kid avatar as they run and leap through a macro-photographed, real world setting. The startup screen presents a selection of environments to explore: forest, beach, backyard, playground, park/meadow, etc.

A young kid’s voice guides us through the experience in that typical, first person videogame style, except this one takes place in the actual real, natural world. The interface is complete with heads up display and the ability to change out tools (a magnifying glass, net, tweezers, mason jar) to discover natural elements as unlockable achievements. The accompanying background music and sound effects also help riff on the genre.

Our avatar alternates between a boy or girl, roughly 7 or 8 years old. Their narration will be high energy and earnest; they’re super stoked to show off this “world” to the viewer. We’ll be awed along with them as they discover the secrets of nature and unlock new levels.


Nick Page, M. Sc., R.P.Bio. – Raincoast Applied Ecology

Nick Page is a biologist who works on the assessment, restoration, and management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in coastal BC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture (UBC, 1993) and completed a master's of environmental studies at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at UBC in 2003. His recent work has focused on vegetation ecology. watershed assessment and stormwater planning, urban environmental design, and landscape ecology. He started Raincoast Applied Ecology in 2003.

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